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Lullaby for a Weary World 

By T.J. Burnside Clapp 


I wonder how my world can live with all the hate she harbors

(Sleep, my weary world)

And I知 scared of how long it may last and just how soon it all could end

And I wish the power to stop it all could rest within my hands. 

I see her people dying for such bold and bloody causes

(Sleep, my weary world)

And the bodies of the innocent are washed up on the lengthening shore

While the rising tide of history just ebbs, then flows again. 


Oh, make me a cradle to rock my weary world

Make me a gentle voice to soothe her when she weeps

Make my arms strong enough to hold her when she wakes

And make me a lullaby so sweet and fine that I can sing my weary world to sleep. 

I wish that I could smooth away her jagged shards of hatred

(Sleep, my weary world)

And though my hands may bleed and burn I値l hold my broken world to me

Until her ugly scars have healed, and peace may reign again. 



And if her fighting will not stop, I値l hold her that much closer

And sing my lullaby above the noise and pain of war

And if her bleeding I can稚 staunch I値l bleed along beside her

But I will not let her go; no, I値l never let her go! 

And when the stars have all burned out, I値l sing to her in darkness

(Sleep, my weary world)

And pray a tender god may find me, huddled in the dark and cold

And grant the precious world I shelter one more chance to live. 

May God grant my precious world another chance to love! 

(Chorus, repeat last line)

by Jean Stevenson

in honor of the Space Shuttle Challenger and her crew

Seven names to represent

The whole damn human race

Seven who died reaching for space

(as we reach for space)


Others will fly

In that tempting void

That waits beyond the sky


We値l control the lightning once again


Stars have ever beckoned men

To reach for higher things

Stars for which we try with homemade wings

(with our wings we soar)


Time is our friend

As we try and fail and try

And never bend


We値l control the lightning and the wind


Once we sailed o池e the seas

Slaves to tide and breeze

Guided by the stars we seek to know

And to further our schemes

Lay the mother world of dreams

Smiling even as we turned to go


Cradle world that brought us forth

Beneath our warming sun

Cradle world of life that痴 just begun

(as we begin)


Watch as we grow

In the face of hate and strife

And hammer blow


We値l control the lightning once again

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