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From: "T.J. Burnside Clapp"
Subject: Technical Difficulties lyrics
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 11:46:24 -0700

Hi there ...

I was web-surfing looking for words to one of Jean Stevenson's songs  
and I hit upon your website which features a lot of my music.  Cool!

I'm the composer of "Lullaby for a Weary World" ... I've attached the  
complete lyrics in case you still want them.  Let me know if you want  
any of the other songs.  I have many of them and can probably get the  
rest fairly easily.

Oh, I also noticed one error in your lyrics for Jean's "Dedication" - 
one of the last lines is "In the face of hate and strife and hammer- 
blow" ("hate", not "faith").

Bill Roper of Dodeka Records ( is currently working  
on putting together a CD of Technical Difficulties music.  There's no  
timeframe, so it could be awhile, but I thought you might be  
interested in the news.

I was at WorldCon in L.A. last weekend and had a wonderfully  
nostalgic time singing a lot of these old Technical Difficulties  

I'm glad you like our music.

-TJ Burnside Clapp

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