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(what do the symbols mean?)

I found this table format a long time ago, and can't remember where now. It works like this:

This is about my Grandfather on my Father's side This is about my Grandmother on my Father's side This is about my Grandfather on my Mother's side This is about my Grandmother on my Mother's side
This is about my Father This is about my Mother
This is the information about me

Links within the cells will take you to a new page where the Ancestor selected is the individual the table is based from.  Not too difficult, I think.  The problem is that the information is all manually entered.  I'm not proficient enough in programming web pages yet to be able to automate the process by connecting it to a database.  That's a goal for the future.

As far as the information itself, here's a basic breakdown:

The number that starts out each cell is the Ahnentafel identification number.  (Yes, it's misspelled on most of my pages.  I just found the mistake and I'm working on fixing it.)

Ahnentafel is a German word meaning 'ancestor table'. Used by genealogists, it's a way of numbering the ancestors of a given person. The starting person is given the number 1. Their father is number 2 and mother number 3. To find the father of any person, double that number. To find the mother, double the number and add one. (In other words, given any number N, N's father is 2N and N's mother is 2N + 1. Other than the starting person, males always have even numbers and women odd numbers.

So, setting myself as number 1 at the base of the tree, my Father is number 2, my Mother is number 3.  My Grandfather on my Father's side is 2*2, or 4.  My Grandmother on my Mother's side would be 2*3+1, or 7.  It goes up from there.

I use this numbering method because it fits nicely with the table structure.  However, I don't use the numbers for anyone who is not my direct ancestor.  Maybe someday when I can get a database working to automate the table generation.

Information on this page may be copied freely by all family members.  If you are not family, please contact me for permission.  If anyone makes a million dollars with this information, please share the wealth, or make a healthy donation to a worthy cause.  Links may or may not be completed. If you have any of these names in your own genealogy, please let me know, and we will see about getting a page created to link our information.

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