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The following information was gathered by my grandmother, Lucille Mildred Foster, over the course of many years.  I have tried to duplicate the formatting that she used.  Links will take you to my formatted tables.  If you find any names that match your own history, please contact me at

Carl and Minnie Westphal Block

Third Generation:

  1. Louise Block
    b: March 27, 1892  Germany

    Married: Edward W. Niss    March 12, 1892(?)    Wheaton, Minn

    born: June 10, 1898    Dekalb, Ill.
    died: March 27, 1936   St. Paul, Minn.
    buried at Little Falls, Minn.

    2nd Marriage to Lennis M. DePriest    March 4, 1944

    born: March 27, 1897
    died: April 15, 1976   Palmer, Alaska

  2. Elsie Block
    b: April 14, 1893     Germany
    d: Sept. 3, 1976      Wheaton, Minn

    Married: Aielt Lupkes     Sept 24, 1913     Wheaton, Minn.
             b: Feb 3. 1891     Ackley, Iowa
             d: Sept. 10, 1946  Adrian, Minn.
             buried at Wheaton, Minn.

  3. Amelia Block
    b: Sept. 14, 1897     Mendota, Ill.
    d: Dec.  19, 1970     Norcross, Minn.

    Married: Joseph Martin Panowich  Feb. 19, 1914   Wheaton, Mn.
             b: Nov. 3, 1878  Elba, Nebraska
             d: July 16, 1941 Yuma, Arizona

    2nd Marriage to Andrew Jacobson  March 2, 1935
                    b: Nov. 3, 1878  Naren, Norway
                    d: Sept. 26, 1962  California
                    buried: Lakeside Cemetery  Herman, Minn.

  4. Ida Block
    b: Feb. 28, 1904  Sterling, Ill.

    Married: 1. Charlie Koempel
             2. Troy Price
             3. Arthur Phillip
             4. Gary Koerselman

  5. Alma Maria Block
    b: Sept. 3, 1907  Sterling, Ill.

    Married: Del Ralph McCleary  Aug. 2, 1926  Chicago, Ill.
             b: March 22, 1903  Galena, KS
             d: April 3, 1983

  6. Hilda Block
    b: July 10, 1911  Sterling, Ill.

    Married: Lyle James Carkhuff  June 16, 1935  Morris, Ill.
             b: May 3, 1903  Goose Lake Township, Ill.
             d: Dec. 31, 1968  Wauponsee Township, Ill.

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