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The Path of Shadow

by Chad Lupkes

Welcome, my children, to the Path of Shadow.  This is the path that all things walk, and all things fear.  This is the path of darkness, of trials and tribulations, the path through the night.  I am Arawn, Lord of Annwn, and this is my path through the dankness bright.

What is a Shadow?  No, don't stand there silent waiting for ME to give you answers when you know them perfectly well yourself.  Answer my question; What is a Shadow?

A reflection?  Is a Shadow something you see in a mirror?  Do you see a 'shadow' of yourselves when you look into a gazing pool?  Not quite, but that is close.

A Shadow, while not a reflection, takes the shape of whatever object or person casts it.  You can see the shadow of my helmet on the tree behind me.  It has the shape, but not the substance of the helm itself.  Can it protect you?  No.  Can it harm you?  No.  Does it exist?  Of course.

Just as physical shadows are created by objects against sources of light, so do souls make shadows against the sources of spiritual light.  Your spiritual shadows are what is projected when you stand before the Gods, for the Gods are the source of spiritual light.  What is that shadow made of?  That shadow, that reflection, is what you do not wish the Gods to see.  That is what you do not wish your fellow man to see.  In fact, that shadow is made up of what you do not wish to see in yourself.

As I said, everything physical or spiritual casts a shadow.  When put together, you call the shadows 'darkness' or 'evil', and you run from them as if running will prevent their creation.  I am that Shadow.  I am the totality of all the Shadows that you have cast and that you run from.  You cannot run from me now.  You must look upon me and know that I am a reflection of you, the part of yourself that you fear and hide from.

What happens in the darkness of a room where no light shines?  The shadows become a home for our fears, and they begin to grow and change into exactly what you fear the most.  That is what has happened, and that is what I am here to help you with.  Only by casting your shadow before the Gods can it be revealed what you have been hiding, when you have seen your own dark reflection in the pool, and shed the Light upon it.

So, how can you cast a shadow in front of you?  Only if the Light is behind you.  I will be that Light.  For what is the Shadow of Darkness itself than another name for Light?  As you journey toward the Light of the Gods, I will be behind you, and you will cast your shadow in front of you so you may see that there is really nothing to be frightened of at all.

There are those in the world who claim to speak for the Gods.  They seek to stand between you and the Gods for that purpose.  What they are doing is showing you their shadow.  We see their dark side, and it frightens us.  They have done us harm by ignoring that shadow of themselves, and they have let it get out of control.  Now is the time for us to rise up and show them their shadow.  We must grow strong in our faith and our light must shine brightly so that their shadow is cast in front of them as they are looking toward the Heavens.  And just as when we see our own shadow, they will see theirs, and they will know that there is nothing to be truly frightened of either from their darker side, or us.

Now you know my secret.  You know who I am, and you know what you are to me.  You are the source of my strength, and I would give you back what you have given to me.  Take a candle, and whenever you have a need to shed light upon your shadow and drive back the fear that haunts you, light the candle and stand so that the light is behind you and you see your shadow on the wall.  Look deep into that shadow, and ask the questions that you need to ask.  I will hear you, and if you listen, I will give you the answers that you seek.

Remember the lessons of this night, and keep them Holy, for this is a Holy Night.

Peace be with you on your Journey.

© Chad Lupkes, except as noted. I don't see the point of copyrighting my work yet, but if you'd like to use anything on my site, please let me know.