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Rite of Transformation

Patron Ritual

A main altar is set up in the middle of the living room.

Archetypes will be wearing scarves.

Youth - Green

Warrior - Yellow

Patron Blue

Sage - White

The High Priestess and Warder will have scarves of the color of their choosing.

When the ritual staff decide that all is ready, they will enter the circle and begin.

Youth, Warrior, Patron and Sage will take places in a square with the altar and High Priestess in the middle.

Warder: "This is the call to circle. All who enter the circle, would you do so now."

(As everyone enters the circle, the Warder draws a Pentacle on their forehead saying, "Thou art Goddess/God")

Warder: "The temple is about to be erected. Let all who have entered here be here of their own free will. Prey all be silent while the temple is purified."

Warder: (takes up broom and sweeps from center out, widdershins)

"All things which evil or malignant be, know this place is not for thee. Be thou gone! Depart from me! And by my will, so mote it be!

(Now sweeps from the outside inward deosil)

"Red spirits and Black, White spirits and Gray, Come Ye, come Ye, come who may. Around and about, through in and throughout, the good come in, and the ill KEEP OUT!"

(Everyone stomps their foot on the last two words.)

HP: (takes athame and begins at the east gate, deosil)

"Oh thou circle, I conjure thee. A shield against evil will you be, and contain within all energies. Let this be a meeting place of perfect love and perfect trust, so mote it be. By the conjuration of the elements, let this circle be warded."

Sage: (towards the East)

"Guardians of the East, Element of Air, Breath of life and winds of inspiration. Blow away the clouds from our mind and give us true vision."

Warrior: (towards the South)

"Guardians of the South, Element of Fire, Flame of self, and light of transformation. Energize the Life Force in our bodies and give us the power to make a change."

Patron: (towards the West)

"Guardians of the West, Element of Water, waves of feeling and oceans of meaning. Wash away our anger and fears and give us purity of love and trust."

Youth: (Towards the North)

"Guardian of the North, Element of Earth. Fertile fields of sustenance and Mountains of treasure. Manifest the dream and feelings we toil for and give us value in our lives."

HP: (Towards the Center)

"The Elements are in balance which brings Spirit to the circle. Is there peace in the circle? (pause) The temple is warded, blessed, and sealed. If anyone feels they must leave before this rite is done, go silently to the gate from whence you entered and have the warder give you exit. Do not break the circle.

"We call upon the Goddess in her three aspects. The young spring Maiden, the strong Mother, and the insightful Crone. Give us the blessing of your presence this night as we walk our paths of memory.

"We call upon the God in his four aspects. The energetic Youth, the fiery Warrior, the understanding Patron, and the logical Sage. Give us the blessing of your presence this night as we see our way into the future.

HP: "This is a Rite of Passage to Patron. Let the Rite begin. Let the one who aspires to enter the phase of Patron come forward."

Aspirant approaches the circle, wearing a blue veil over a green veil.

HP: "Warder, will you open the circle for this warrior?"

Warder: "Yes, High Priestess."

Warder opens circle.

Warder: "Do you enter this circle of your own free will?"

Aspirant: "I do."

Warder and Aspirant enter the circle. Warder closes the circle and the Aspirant is led to HP.

HP: "Do you enter this rite of your own free will?"

Aspirant: "I do."

Youth steps forward, and leads the Aspirant around the circle deosil.

Youth: "As you were once the Youth, so do I now stand. You walked this path with innocence and wonder at the world around you. You saw the future as you were taught to see it, with anticipation and delight. You were taught to believe all things were possible, and in your imagination you were given the tools to fulfill your every dream. As the Youth, you looked to the Warrior for protection against the world, the Patron as caregiver and provider, and the Sage for guidance. The wheel of your life continued, and you became the Warrior."

Youth removes the green veil from Aspirant, and returns to his place, as Warrior takes Aspirant around the circle deosil.

Warrior: "As you have been the Warrior, so do I now stand. At the ending of your phase as the Youth, you realized that there were those forces in the world that worked to destroy innocence, and you knew that innocence was something that needed defending. Your understanding grew as time progressed, and you found your own particular cause to fight for. Thus you chose your own path and direction. The Warrior looks to the Youth for energy, the Patron as a model for your upcoming life, and always the Sage for advice and wisdom. The wheel of your life continued, and you became the Patron."

Warrior removes the blue veil from the Aspirant. Youth and Warrior hold up a yellow ribbon, and the Aspirant cuts the ribbon, and walks the circle deosil with the Patron.

Patron: "As you are now the Patron, so do I now stand. Your cause narrowed in focus until it became one single particular driving force that has helped you realize what is truly most important in your life. Although your defending days are not over, they must now be balanced with love and understanding. Your innocence has been lost to the world around you, and you see things again in a different light. You are the caregiver, and yours is the power to shape the world like no other. The Youth, as he did the Warrior, gives you energy. The Warrior, while being your defender, is also someone you can look to with pride. Pride in his accomplishments as they occur, and pride in the memory of your own. The Sage is as always someone to turn to for advice, and he is now the model for your own future."

Patron places a blue veil on the new Patron.

Patron: "The wheel of your life will continue, and you will become the Sage."

Sage does not walk the circle, but stands in his place.

Sage: "As you will be the Sage, so do I now stand. As a Youth, you saw the world as your plaything. As a Warrior, you learned what was good and not good in your life and you struggled to know only goodness. As a patron, your role will be to provide for those who depend on you and your decisions and actions will live on after you. Each step you take will be one of service to others at this time of your life. But if you are wise, you will make each step with an eye to the future... both yours and those who look to you for knowledge and solace. You will feel the time passing but know always know what it brings. But do not live in fear, for it will kill your capacity to love. Instead, live in harmony with the gods as you have learned them. Only in this way will you become more than you are. Your time as the Sage will come soon enough. Until then, learn from all. Even still do the Warrior and the Youth have much to teach if you will listen. Being a servant is the most powerful role one can take on, so long as you serve with love. Walk with care and wisdom on this Path and you will know the greatest gift of being: understanding."

Aspirant faces the center of the circle and the HP.

HP: "Welcome to the center of the circle. You have spoken to the aspects of the God, now you must remember the Goddess. The Maiden is the companion that played with you as the Youth, and whose innocence you recognized and defended as the Warrior. You have chosen your companion in this next phase of your life, and she is discovering her way as the Mother, even as you explore your path as the Patron. The logic of the Sage is balanced by the intuition of the Crone, and combined, you will show the world wisdom."

New Patron: "I stand at the crossroads of endings and beginnings bringing forth the bright promise of tomorrow, on the tears of yesterday. Now it is time to go forward, closing the past without forgetting it, and writing a new book upon the pages of time."

Youth: (Towards the North)

"Guardian of the north, Element of Earth, we thank you for the wealth you have provided. Go back to your realms with our blessings in peace. Hail and farewell"

Patron: (towards the West)

"Guardians of the West, Elements of Water, we thank you for the meaning. You have given to us. Go back to your realms with our blessings in peace. Hail and farewell."

Warrior: (towards the South)

"Guardians of the South, Element of Fire. We thank you for the fires you have kindled with in us. Go back to your realms with our blessings in peace. Hail and farewell."

Sage: (towards the East)

"Guardians of the East, Elements of Air, We thank you for your inspiration and vision. Go back to your realms with our blessings and peace. Hail and farewell."

HP: "Oh spirits whom this circle has drawn, We thank thee and ask that you know be gone. Back to your realms with our blessings in peace, and as we do will so mote it be."

All: "The circle is open but never broken, Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet again."



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