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So Many Keys

So many keys with no locks to correspond, yet so many locks without a key.

So many concepts without understanding, yet so much understanding with concepts.

I see so much life without love, yet I have so much love to give.

I cannot hate any man, yet so few have the same idea.

So many answers that go nowhere, yet so many questions unanswered.

My life is just starting, yet I feel so old.

I feel so young, yet I have so many experiences inside me.

So many experiences, yet they are never enough.

I have built a wall around me, yet I cannot see or feel it.

My walls protect me, yet I want no protection.

I am so hungry, yet I can hold no more.

So many doors in the hallway, yet no time to explore them all.

So many invitations, yet I cannot accept them all.

So many strings pulling at me, yet I cannot cut the ones I do not want.

So many problems with no solutions, yet so many solutions that go nowhere.

I feel I have lost my way.

© Chad Lupkes, except as noted. I don't see the point of copyrighting my work yet, but if you'd like to use anything on my site, please let me know.