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Chad Aaron Lupkes
11401 Roosevelt Way NE #12
Seattle, WA  98125
(206) 440-1592
eFAX: (413) 674-5629

Primary Experience and Interest:

  • Computer Skills include 24+ years with MS DOS, Windows 95,98,2000,XP, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS FrontPage, the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  • Nordstrom employee for 7+ years.
  • Three (3) years of experience in Retail Management.
  • Personal Focus: Making a Difference

Job Experience:

Office and Administrative Experience:

  • December 2000 - Current  Nordstrom, Inc.
    • CMIO Special Orders - Replenishment Order Analyst. Processed replenishment orders from a variety of buyers in a variety of order formats. Focused on meeting deadlines & exceeding expectations.
    • CMIO Special Orders - Special Order Analyst for Watches. Coordinated the efforts for salespeople and customers to order items not normally carried in the Nordstrom Full Line Stores, and custom made items. Also handled Mens division orders along with the other members of the Special Order team for Mens Clothing, Mens Furnishings, Mens Sportswear and The Rail for all Nordstorm Full Line Stores. Additional accomplishments include the development and maintenance of a contacts & order tracking database for the Special Orders team, with information on vendors, salespeople and buyers.
    • CMIO Item Team - Item Analyst. Member of a team to set up items for ordering in the corporate merchandising database. Maintained communication with vendors and buyers to ensure accuracy of the information used to set items up for ordering. Performed research and found resolutions to discrepancies.
    • NW Menswear Buying Office - Special Order Coordinator. Coordinated efforts for salespeople and customers to order items not normally carried in the Nordstrom Full Line stores or custom made items.
    • Northgate Men's Sportswear - Stock.  Provided stock support for the Men's Sportswear department.   Continually using organization and computer skills to provide Manager and Salespeople the information they need to provide the best customer service and increase sales.  The efforts of the team resulted in an increase of 9% over previous year.
    • Northgate Men's Furnishings - Stock.  Provided stock support for the Men's Furnishings department during the 2000 Christmas season.  
  • Dec 1999 – November 2000 Robert Half International, Inc. (Office Team)
    • Tesoro Petroleum - Assisted Customer Service manager with a customer service mass mailing.  Used MS Access skills to track 67,000 individual customer records.
    • Premera Blue Cross Benefit Coding - Handled transmission of medical benefits to an outside contractor.
    • Probusiness Business Services - Claim indexing for insurance companies.  Used project management skills to make the project as efficient as possible.
    • Everett School District - Budget Office
    • Worked in various other office positions for inventory and data entry.
    • Hired by Nordstrom in December, 2000

Retail Experience:

  • Sept 1999 – Nov 1999 US Navy Exchange (Pensacola NEX Mall)
    • Maintained and Reorganized stock room of several departments for remodel of the Pensacola NEX Mall.
    • Returned to the Puget Sound area in December of 1999.
  • Jan 1998 – Aug 1999 Nordstrom (Alderwood Nordstrom Rack)
    • Customer Service & sales.
    • Maintained shoe stockroom and sales floor to highest quality standards to enable efficient operations.
    • Fully cross-trained in all aspects of the Nordstrom Rack Shoe Department.
    • Moved to Pensacola in August of 1999
  • Aug 1997 - Dec 1997 Northwest Temp Service
    • Nordstrom Rack - Worked to reorganize the back room of the shoe and men’s department, making it significantly easier to find stock.
    • Mervyns California – Organized the back room for easy access to retail merchandise.
    • Various other Retail and Light Industrial Assignments.
    • Hired by Nordstrom in January, 1998
  • Oct 1994 - Dec 1997 Orion at Twilight
    • Owner and Manager of Orion at Twilight, a Retail Bookstore and Gift shop, including Marketing, Advertising, Ordering, Shipping, Receiving, and Accounting. Writer and Editor of store newsletter for two (2) years. Experience in Customer Service and Community Relations.
    • Closed store in December 1997

Light Industrial Experience:

  • Jun 1996 - Feb 1997 Synsor Corp.
    • Manufacture of high quality Furniture and Display pieces. Followed assembly procedures for multiple parts control and organization, and use of assembly tools.
    • Became full time manager of my store, Orion at Twilight (above)
  • Aug. 1995 - Jun. 1996 Volt Temporary Services
    • Various other Light Industrial assignments.
      • Hired by Synsor Corp. – (See above entry)

Military Experience:

  • Aug. 1988 - Aug. 1994 United States Navy
    • Operated and maintained the Nuclear Propulsion Engines on board the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) for four (4) years. Followed specific maintenance procedures according to a set schedule.
    • Maintained Propulsion Plant Technical Manuals up to date with the latest changes.
    • Honorable Discharge at End of Obligated Service

Volunteer Experience



  • Robert Gelb, Nordstrom Replenishment Buyer. Bob Gelb hired me at Northgate in Mens Sportswear as the stock person while he was the Department Manager. Together we developed the MS Excel Department Sales Tracking tool that is now being used in all departments in the Downtown Seattle store. We also developed department maps in MS Excel that enabled quick and easy planning for sales and other events. The Mens Sportswear department at Northgate had a 9% increase over the previous year in October when I was hired as the Special Order Coordinator for the NW Menswear Buying Office. He also asked me to help in his campaign for Mercer Island City Council, and I signed on as the campaign Treasurer and developed the campaign website.

  • Lynn Hughes, Nordstrom NW Buying Office Manager. Mrs. Hughes was very helpful to me while I was getting familiar with the RMS ordering system as well as the other systems and procedures that are frequently used in the buying offices. During the 4th quarter of 2001, the total special order volume was $250,952.58.

  • The Rt. Rev. Pierre C. Davis, Archpriest of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. Rev. Davis has been a good friend and advisor since I found the church in 1995. In early 2000, I volunteered to take over the development of the church website and proceeded to develop the site to it's current status with several hundred pages and many downloadable files. I assisted with the creation of the SpiralScouts program and the associated website, and have been very active in the annual theater productions of the church for several years.
      Contact Information:
    • The Right Reverend Pierre C. Davis, Archpriest,
      Aquarian Tabernacle Church International HQ,
      48631 River Park Drive,
      Post Office Box 409,
      Index, Washington 98256-0409.
      Telephone (360) 793-1945;
      FAX (360) 793-3537;
      e-mail: Contact Form

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