PCO Handbook - Fundraising and Other Functions

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Fundraising and Other Functions

You can be assured that you will be asked to attend fund-raisers for every candidate, and for every event put on by your District and County organizations. Being Democrats, most of us do not have unlimited funds to make political contributions. You may have earmarked your major contribution for your favorite candidate; however, there are several ways that you can show your support:

  • Show up at as many events as possible, even if you can only make a small contribution.
  • Offer to help in lieu of a contribution.
  • Offer to provide names and addresses of potential attendees.
  • Respond to invitations as soon as possible. Most functions need to have an accurate count days in advance.

The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) is the arbiter of campaign contribution laws in the state of Washington. It was created by the passage of Initiative 176 in 1972. All political campaigns, and political parties must comply with the rules of the PDC. The passage of Initiave 134 in 1992 will greatly impact the fundraising efforts of the Democratic Party. Your District, County and State organizations are working with the PDC to garner information that will help all of us operate effectively under the new rules.

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